• Russian reading writing and phonetic with ROU Russian Online University. Register

    Complete course on Russian phonetic, reading and cursive writing for the beginners and advanced language learners. Participants will explore the easy scheme for learning Russian alphabet and writing, as well develop necessary routine and intuition in reading and pronunciation.

    Leonid Mechik
    ROU Russian Online University

  • ROU Basic Russian Level A1 Register

    You will learn to:

    • understand and use familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases
    • introduce yourself and others, ask and answer questions about personal details such as where you live, peopleyou  knows and things you have.
    • interact in a simple way.

    by ROU Russian Online University

  • ROU Russian Reference Grammar Level A1/A2+ Register

    • This course will cover basic Russian grammar needed to have a simple but meaningful conversation. 
    • Topics are organised in short sessions with the aim to support learning aims of language courses levels: A1/A2+ 
    • Units are constructed with the possibility to be studied separately as parts of other language courses.
    by ROU Russian Online University 

  • Russian With Popular Songs Register

    • Language exercises and practice through the lyrics of popular Russian songs.
    Leonid Mechik
    by ROU Russian Online University


    • A set of lessons where we will learn how to deal with special situations in Russia.
    • Great opportunity to review grammar, learn few useful sentences and prepare for a travel to Russia.
    • We will discuss how do deal with the police, difficult situations, making friends, flirt etc.
    Leonid Mechik by ROU Russian Online University